Knowing The Cosmic Laws Gives You Peace Of Mind

From my experience, I have found that there are 38 fundamental “Cosmic Laws” (there are many more) that operate on all beings in the Cosmos including human beings. I have found that these Laws are not there for purposes of cruelty or suffering; they are there to maintain balance and harmony in the Cosmos. Why do I bring up these “Cosmic Laws”?

I bring up these “Cosmic Laws” because knowledge and understanding of them bring peace of mind, I have found. For example, the “Law Of Cause And Effect.” For every cause, there is an equal effect. Knowledge and understanding of the full scope of this law will bring you peace of mind because you will hopefully act in accordance with this law by paying attention to your cause and not go mindlessly about life. You will be wiser in making cause since you know the possible effects. These laws don’t make us fearful and frozen in our actions in life. They, like the “Law Of Karma”, teach us how to be more aware of our actions and teach us what our actions feel like to another.

When you study and apply the many “Cosmic Laws” on your life, you will find that they enhance your wisdom in approaching life with deeper understanding, perception and mindfulness. No one escapes these laws. I have found these perspectives to have given me peace of mind as I witness my own and the behaviors of others in our actionable, manifested reality. A great book to read about “Cosmic Laws” is “The Cosmic Laws Of Cosmic Awareness.” It delineates 105 “Cosmic Laws.”

Peace of mind is well worth creating in one’s life during this time of chaotic nodes. Here is a definitive way to achieve it.


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