I Transmute My Environment

Wherever I am on Earth, whatever environment, I transmute that environment with my presence there. What does this mean and how do I do it?

What this means is that I change the environment I am in for the better, having been there. This is done through my ability to transmute, that is, my ability to change the form, nature or substance of physical reality due to my high vibrational level, my high light Quotient. How is this so?

My ability to transmute physical reality comes from the fact of where I exist which is in the domain of Love, Healing and Wisdom. I bring these powerful forces, these vibrations to bear through my being present in any atmosphere, any situation, any environment. I come to environments being present in the here and now without preconceived notions or expectations. I simply am present with my powerful purpose of being Love in every moment and that force transmutes the molecules around me to a higher vibrational level.

Haven’t ever left a meeting with friend or family member who put you in a better mood because of their positive effect on you? This positive effect is a transmuting effect that changes, not only people for the better but also the weather, animals, machines, buildings, etc.

Wherever I go, I transmute what’s there to the better. What do you bring to your environment?


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