I Am The Matrix

I am the Matrix. I am this Existence. I am this Creation. Where my physical body ends and the air outside me begins is illusory because there is no separation. I am Creation and I am the Creation I’m in AT THE SAME TIME. What does this mean?

That I am the Matrix and NOT a separate entity in it means that I have dominion with it. When I breath, it breaths. When I expand my chest, it expands. I am a player, not IN it but with it. My mind and feelings are sentient tools that I use to shape my reality the way I desire it shaped. For example, when I desire money, money appears. When I desire a friend, a friend appears. This is not smoke and mirrors. This is not mumbo jumbo. Why is that? It is not hocus pocus because I experience this. I make things happen with my intent, my will. It happens. I am living it.

Please recognize and understand that there is also the will of the Creative Source and I pay attention to that since I am that. I align my will to that of the Creative Source. How do I do this?

I exert my will and intent by also being in alignment with the will and intent of the Creative Source for my benefit as existence is a benevolent construct. I align with the energies of the Creative Source which are positive, loving, Creative. I also know in my being that the Creative Source is infinitely giving and so I never feel lack no matter what’s happening. It’s the gift that keeps giving. If you experience lack, YOU are in separation consciousness.

The material Universe is infinite and I am infinite with and in it. I am the Matrix, inextricably entwined with all that is. Happy New Year!!!


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