I Am The Light

We are brainwashed by the Christian religion, from my experience, that fools us into believing that only Jesus was the Light. There are quotes in the Bible of Jesus saying he is the Light, he is the way. He IS the Light and so is every human being and that is why I can assert that I am the Light. What is this Light anyway?

Each human is made up of the Light and this Light is the energy of the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence The All There Is. We humans are imbued with the Light of God from birth and we can be this Light and use this Light. Most of humanity refuses to acknowledge that they are the Light and to use their Light to benefit them in every way from material gain to greater health and well being. Why do human beings refuse to be their Light and gain more Light?

The main reason human beings refute their own ability to be the Light Of God which they are a part of is because they have been brainwashed to believe God’s Light is “out there” somewhere and is not for them to have. They have been taught that they have to die and go to heaven to be the Light. Nonsense. Every human is the Light right now and I have proof. What is this proof?

The proof that every human is the Light is my existence as a human living in his Light body. I am now consciously aware that I am my Light body, I can see it with my physical eyes and I can increase my “Light Quotient” by showing Love, kindness, compassion, generosity, tolerance, peace and harmony. No matter what you think of what I am asserting here, the Light is real and I am it. You Are it too but you just don’t want to believe it. I have had too many experiences being the Light to allow anyone to dispute my experience.

I am the Light of God having a human experience. So are you.


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