I Am A Creator Created By The Creator Sent Here To Create

My archetype is that of a creator. As a creator archetype, I perceive that I was created by The Creator sent here to create. What is it that I create? As I have experienced, I can create my reality, every detail of it. Whatever is in my reality, positive or negative, I created it. Nothing in my reality has happened TO me. It has all happened through me! How can I validate this?

To say that things do not happen TO me but happen THROUGH me is proven by the fact that in my reality there are choices I must make to live, to be, to move forward in this actionable physical reality. The choices I make are up to me, I make the choices and I take the actions of the choices I make  but I make these choices with the implicit awareness that I am guided by my soul and I trust my soul. I trust that Spirit is with me. I do not ask Spirit to make choices FOR me but WITH me, trusting that my soul has got my back and that is what I mean by things happen THROUGH me, as in, my soul drives this bus. I also recognize that my choices will have consequences which I will perceive as either good or bad and in either case, I apply the feeling of gratitude which keeps me in a state of Grace that allows me to accept responsibility for my actions without blaming others or God or my soul, etc. I created the situation I am in, no one else. I CLEAN MY OWN HOUSE.

When I finally accepted my creator status, not as THE entire Creator but as a co-Creator, I began to fill my own major manifestor shoes. I have the ability to create my reality as an inherent power designed in me by The Creator. For me, to not use my Creator status is a waste of who and what I am. I simply must create.


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