God Hears Me In My Cells

God is not in the sky, not in heaven. God is in my cells. How do I know this? How do I know where God is? I know where God is because I am a part of God and I know that God resides in my cells, in my DNA. Where can you see this?

You can see the living proof of God as demonstrated in the Tetragrammaton or the four Hebrew letters, YHWH that the ancient books of Kabbalah profess to be the name of God that is also a spiritual reference to the code words of DNA, AGCT, the nitrogenous bases that compose the DNA molecule. It is no leap of faith to make a comparison between the Kabbalistic name of God and the alphabetic sequences of amino acids that are the basis of life. To me, they are a reference to the same thing: God Lives in us as YHWH AND AGCT and we can communicate with God in our cells and all around us. How do we talk to God in our cells?

We talk to God in our cells by visualizing our cells and giving them pure intent. We speak to them by telling them how much we appreciate, are grateful for and thankful for their work. We don’t pray to them as supplicants, we show our love for being God by thanking the God particle already in us for being us and giving us all that we are, all that we have. Once you do this, once you acknowledge that God is in you, you realize you are talking to YOU and then, that YOU talks to God in everything around you and your world becomes unlimited which is the true nature of God. Once you turn on the Light within, that Light turns on the Light in everything around you.

To many, I will sound like I am speaking gibberish. Well, I am speaking a different language than most. It is the language that is beyond society, beyond religion, beyond the trappings of limited beliefs. It is the language of being God, not all of God but a piece of God as made by God.

I have already taken the leap of faith to see that God is in me and all around me, not in some fairy story of an old man with a long white beard in heaven.


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