Functioning In My Light Body

I have accepted that I live fully as a “Light Body” and not a human body. What am I saying here?
I am saying that I am fully functioning as Light and it changed how I live and what I am aware of.
What are these changes? The main change is I live more as my soul now and am more soulful. I am
able to see beneath the veneer of people’s persona/psyche/ego to what they really feel/are. I can see
the Spirit world, I can feel the consciousness of animals, nature and machines as they “talk” to me. I
can manifest physical reality much more easily as well as receive communication from Spirit,
Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Fairies, Brownies, Soul Groups, Light
Councils as well as being clairvoyant.

You may say that being a Light Body Being is weird or scary but I am here to say that when you are
your Light Body, these realities are the normal way of things. The Spirit world seems scary to humans because of how humans are brainwashed by religion to perceive the Spirit world as evil and
negative. It is not. It is like the human world of people with low awareness and people of high
awareness. The main function of being in my Light Body is to be Spirit while still in flesh. I did not have to die and go to heaven to be a Light Being.

I am here to tell you that.


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