Being Negative Or Positive Are Feelings

My predilection in life has been and continues to be of a positive bent. In my experience, much of the world’s human population seems to prefer a negative bent. What are the signs of a negative bent? In my experience, negativity in humans presents as fear, hatred, anger, judgement, control, intolerance, jealousy, envy, blame, gossip, etc. Positivity shows in being loving, kind, tolerant, compassionate, fearless, non judgemental, etc. My preference is for the positive. Why is that?

My preference is for the positive because I practice the wisdom that guides me in knowing that being positive is a FEELING that I prefer. Being negative is a distasteful FEELING to my being so why would I practice being negative. That is unwise yet, FROM MY LIFE EXPERIENCE, many practice being negative and are FEELING negative within themselves. Can we say that those who practice being negative are unwise? I say yes. WHAT DO WE DO?

In my estimation, being negative or positive in life is a choice. I simply prefer to be positive and so I do it. I have never looked to be one who’s motivations were FEELINGS of malfeasance. I always come from pure intent and do not look to harm. For example, I may be mad at someone but I am not in the FEELING of doing that person wrong. I am simply upset with something they did to me and look to correct it in a proactive manner. I do not stew. I face my adversaries straight on with calmness and confidence. In this way, I overcome adversity and move on to more positive states of being. I like being positive and this is what I say to all those suffering by being negative: change your preference from desiring to be negative to one of being positive. The positive FEELING is a whole lot better...and wiser.


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