Being In The Present Moment

I have practiced being in the present moment for a long time but I took this state of being for  granted. I am not always in the present moment but I know how to be. I was reminded of this by my lady friend last evening who remarked that she was in the present moment with me. Understanding what she meant, I asked her what SHE was experiencing when in the present moment. She said that her experience is that she doesn’t think of anything but being with me. Her mind is empty of thought, that is, she is not thinking of the past or future and she is experiencing time in the NOW. It was so gratifying to know that she was present because I shared that state of being with her. Why is this important in life in general?

I perceive it is important to be in the present moment in our experiences because when we think of something else, as in the past or future, we lose the intimacy of that moment, the life of that moment and we are not really living. To me, true living is being here NOW and experiencing all that moment has in it from the smells and sights to the tastes and feelings we have. Being in the present moment is living on a deeper level because nothing exists between your mind and your experience. You are having a direct experience. Does that make sense?

From my experience with being in the present moment, I can tell you that the sensations of my experiences are stronger, the colors deeper and the memories sharper. I find this to be a preferable state of being.


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