Be Careful What You Intend

I implicitly intended to have a girlfriend. One has appeared in my life. She is awesome, beautiful, incredible. So incredible that I have realized it is important to make sure you are careful what you wish for in that the good that comes into your life is something that is also something you must handle with grace. Are you ready to handle your good? Why do I ask this?

I ask this question because being careful what you ask for and being able to handle the good or bad that you bring into your life is an important aspect of rightful living, happiness, peace. Being a mindful manifestor is no joke because you have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of the good or bad you manifest. I see in my experiences of living that me and my human friend’s often don’t take responsibility for our intentions and end up regretting what we wished for.

This is to say that I am very careful what I wish for, what I intend, what I desire to manifest. I am so happy to have attracted a beautiful woman in my life and now I must realize that there are many things associated with her, responsibilities I must be aware of. See what I’m getting at?


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