YOU Niverse

YOU Niverse is how Universe is truly spelled. Why is that?

From my experiences, I have found that there is only one reality of Spirit as put forth by the Law of One. What many call the Universe is their description of some force out there somewhere, separate from them, when in truth, it is more aptly described as YOU Niverse because there is no demarcation between people and Spirit, between people and the Universe. People ARE the Universe. What you receive from the Universe is given to you by the YOU Niverse, that is, what YOU intend as you align with the will of ALL THERE IS IN MATCHING THAT VIBRATION WITH YOUR OWN. YOU WILL MATCH THE WILL OF THE ALL THERE IS WHEN YOU REALIZE, ACCEPT AND FUNCTION AS THE ALL THERE IS IN FLESH, IN BODY. See what I’m getting at?

May I suggest you resolve to realize that you aren’t getting anything from out there somewhere. You are giving to yourself that which you put out with your intent in matching the will of the All There Is.  This matching of wills is what the Avatar, Jeshua of Nazareth meant when he uttered, “the Father and I are one.” It was misunderstood in Jeshua’s time and still is. Jeshua was referring to the Law of One.


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