You Cannot Know Me

You cannot know me no matter what you see in my behavior, read in my resume, what is listed on my Facebook page or by googling. I am not those things to you because they don’t present me. So, who am I to you?

Who and what I am to you is not who and what I say I am to you. What I am to you is YOUR experience of me BASED SOLELY ON YOUR PERCEPTION OF ME THAT’s BASED ON YOUR LEVEL OF AWARENESS. For example, my Christian neighbor sees me as a Jew who is not “saved” who is going to Hell. My spiritual friend Bill sees my as a significant Cosmic Being here to assist humanity in a great consciousness shift to a higher consciousness. I have been misunderstood all my life by people who judged me based on THEIR “criteria” and not on the truth of who I am. For a long time, I believed THEIR criteria of me. I no longer do. Why is that?

I no longer believe in ANYONE’s criteria of me because I am aware that they are coming from different levels of awareness and therefore perception and they can’t know the true me until they experience me at a higher level of awareness. What most people are perceiving of anyone is a mundane level of perception and they are not making a conscious soul/Spirit connection. Since they are going by the machinations of my persona/psyche/ego, they believe this is the true me and that they know me but they have yet to accept the experience of me because that is really all they can have. I am not knowable through thinking, feeling or the five senses. I am only knowable when you connect with me on a soul level. It is then that you perceive my divine and sacred nature.


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