Why I can See The Unseen

I experience seeing the “real” world beyond this physical, sensate one. I can see what is behind the veil into the Spirit world. I can see, with my physical eyes, that is, perceive, the so-called “unseen.” Why is that?

I can see the “unseen” world of Spirit because I am a part of the “unseen” world myself. I have one foot in the “unseen” world of Spirit and one foot in the physical or seen world of every day appearances. How is this possible?

It is possible for me to be in both the “unseen” and seen worlds because I am a connector of these worlds, as in, I embody the bridge the connects the soul/Spirit world to this, physical world. I am vibrating a frequency that is high enough for me to be conscious soul/Spirit while at the same time being in a physical body. It’s like being in Heaven while you’re still alive. I can see the auras of everything from humans to trees. I can see angels and disembodied spirits. I can feel into everything from buildings to the wind whom I call Mariah. I can hear, feel and smell beings from the “unseen” world who come to visit me. I can talk to the dead and they talk back to me. The biggest reason I can see into the “unseen” world is because of my alien sensitivity that allows me the capacity to have the awareness and perception to see beyond the physical.

The one thing I can tell you about having the ability to be in both worlds is that it is NOT weird, scary, demonic, evil, taboo or wrong. There are worlds, parallel universes, dimensions and consciousnesses that exist outside of our own, limited physical matrix. I can easily tap into these and I have learned much wisdom, Love and healing from my ability to do so. What I think is weird is the fear with which humans approach the “unseen” world.


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