Whenever I Needed A Woman, One Appeared

Throughout my whole life, whenever I needed a woman in my life, one seemed to appear in some way. I did not have to go searching at bars, parties, socials, singles events or on line. Searching for a woman never worked out for me. When I was lonely, my silent, inner intent went to work to draw a woman to me and I would synchronously bump into a woman at a party, a class, an audition, on the street or in some other way that I did not plan, consciously. What is this all about?

Since the appearance of women in my life happened many times, I began to think about this as just more than happenstance. Why did I not meet women I found attractive when I consciously tried but met them when I least expected it. Was there more to this than met my eye? I believed there was and still is and what I arrived at realizing is that I am a natural attractor, a major manifestor, not just of women but anything my heart desires. This attracting ability is not explicit, it is implicit, that is, I don’t always need to obsess or overthink anything. I just need to implicitly intend it and then feel a desire for a thing and it appears in my life whether it’s food, clothes, money, women, a job, etc. What I have done is allow my subconscious mind to go to work in prompting me to take actions and I don’t always know WHY I’m taking those actions but I listen to my inner prompting and it leads me to what I need. The key is...I listen. I allow that inner feeling to lead me. Call it intuition if you like.

Like the song by The Rolling Stones says, “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you find you get what you need.” I have experienced this over and over again. Implicit intent is more powerful than explicit intent.


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