When You Talk To God, You’re Talking To Yourself

Where is God? Have you found God yet? I have and God is inside me and inside everything around me...everything. You see, this existence is God’s country. This is Creation. We humans exist as Creation and God has left us to our own free-will devices while encoding us with God’s divinity and sacredness within us, as us. Look no further than within yourself to find and connect with God. The next time you want to talk with God, talk to yourself. Don’t pray, thank. How do I know this?

I know that God is inside me because I have spent my entire life communing with God and found God right here within my consciousness, within my humanity, right here encoded within me. God is not a separate human sitting in heaven. God is a part of me and I am a part of God. I am a piece of God.

Now, because I am a piece of God, I can connect with God in everything and align with the resonance of God in everything becoming the major manifestor God designed me to be. I am the Creator in microcosmic form. Within me is also, like God, the ability to create. This God within is what I talk with when I want to talk with God and God listens. This is called co-Creation. You can use co-Creation as a tool for manifesting anything your heart desires.

When you want to talk to God, don’t pray, talk to yourself instead and the God you are within yourself will respond and then, the God in everything around you will respond.


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