When You Die, You Wake Up!

From my many millennia of dying and then coming back into life again, I can tell you that dying is not “resting in peace” or “going to a better place.” My experiences of dying are experiences of waking up. What does that mean?

Waking up from the human trance of being a persona/psyche/ego is similar to waking up from a dream. In the case of dying, you wake up, that is, you realize your real Self is not human at all but is a spiritual being that has just had a physical, human experience for the purpose of expanding your soul’s awareness on a certain theme. When you die, you are still “you.” That “you” is your soul which is the real you and continues to exist. Nobody gets out of life dead.

The physical body is a smoke and mirrors vehicle of light that is impermanent while the soul is permanent. Death is the door to permanence and when we die physically, we open the door to a reality that’s vibrating on a higher level even though we encounter our selves as we have been with all our issues intact. We just see them from a different perception and we then realize the illusory nature of a human experience and see, once again, the desert of the real.  The real is being truly awake.


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