When I express My Thoughts, I Am Not Shoving Them Down Your Throat!!!

The other day, I was on an Empathic news feed on Facebook where the topic was being able, as an Empath, to see ghosts. I said that I don’t like the word ghost because it has a lot of connotations built into it like Casper the ghost and Holy Ghost, etc. I prefer, I remarked, the word Spirit. Many of the reply’s to my remark were positive and this one lady emphatically said that I was shoving the idea down her throat and she continued to get more upset as I told her that I was just giving an opinion. She went ballistic so I stopped conferring with her. What am I saying here?

I am saying that what I write on Facebook or in this blog are my own thoughts, my own opinions and I write them in the spirit of my own musings about experiences I am having in real-time. I am, in writing ANYTHING about mystical and metaphysical things, working on achieving a greater understanding of the subjects, the experiences. I AM IN NO WAY TELLING ANYONE TO DO ANYTHING. I am simply pointing out my own thoughts, other’s thoughts and spiritual practices and ideas that I have used or have considered that have helped me navigate this world in greater efficacy, health, wisdom, healing, happiness, peace, harmony and balance.

These writings are for you to take or leave. I have no expectation of these writings doing anything other than helping, in some way, those who read these words. The last motivation I have in writing this blog is to shove an idea down someone’s throat. If you feel that way, that is on you.


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