What You Believe Is Real

What people believe is real for them, I have found. I have experienced believing as a thought construct and feeling agreement I make with myself. I cognize a thought that resonates with my awareness, my consciousness. For example, I have stated and I believe, through years of previous experience that when I needed a woman in my life one just “appeared.” While I knew this to be real and true for me, there was a part of me that did not believe it or was not sure that it was real and true for me even though it happened more than once in my life. Why do I bring this up?

I bring this up because a woman just appeared in my life. Not just any woman but a woman of high caliber. She did not come from my explicit intent through combing Internet dating sites. She “appeared” at a fundraising even for a theatre company of which I am an Executive Board member. We got together and as I reflected on her “appearance” in my life, I realized that, yes, this reality of people “appearing” in my life is real and true for me and it is I who attract them into mylife with my implicit intent, that is, I put out a call into the All There Is through my pure intent without doing anything on a physical level and then just forget about it. This implicit intent then goes to work to make my intent a reality through shaping the physical matrix I function in. This is real and it works.

That someone has “appeared” in my life, once again, has allowed me to realize that what I am is real and how I function is true. These metaphysical machinations are not a joke or some figment of my imagination. They are powerful manifesting tools that all humans are gifted with and can use for achieving one’s heart’s desire. I share my experiences of the use of implicit intent as proof!!!


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