What Does It Mean To TRUST The Universe?

In my experience with what we call the Universe, it really is the YOU Niverse in that we are the Universe in microcosmic form. I have found that we are not separate from the Universe and that’s why I prefer to call it YOU Niverse. In being the Universe and believing we can use our pure intent to manifest things from the Universe, I have found that it is vital and important to trust the YOU Niverse, that is, to trust yourself. Why is that?

When you have arrived at the expanded awareness that YOU ARE THE YOU NIVERSE AND IT IS NOT A FORCE “OUT THERE” you realize that the trust you must have for the YOU Niverse, which is what you have for yourself, is very much needed since, in order to manifest anything, you cannot have doubt. You have to trust in the pure intention process and know, unequivocally, that what you have intended will manifest. Why do many have difficulty with this process when they believe they trust themselves?

The difficulty with the trusting of the intention process comes into play when our subconscious mind is at cross purposes withour rational mind. We may rationally give pure intent to manifest a thing but our subconscious mind doesn’t believe us. For example, we may intend the manifestation of needed money in our life but it doesn’t appear because in our subconscious mind we hold the belief that money is the root of all evil. Until you release your subconscious, limiting belief, no amount of intending is going to manifest your desires because your subconscious mind is cancelling them out.

The YOU Niverse doesn’t work with confusion. In order to manifest you have to have clarity, pure intent and trust in YOU that the intention process is real and true. You have to believe it. Believing it is part of the trust.


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