We All Confront Many Ring Pass Nots

From my life experience, I have discovered that there are many doorways or what I like to call, “Ring Pass Nots” that I have and am continuing to go through. These are real and true barriers that we approach even though the metaphor paints a picture of a door or ring to make the image more compelling for us. These “Ring pass nots” are, I have found, of a psychological, emotional or spiritual nature where we are called upon to move beyond, overcome, let go of limiting beliefs, feelings and spiritual understandings in order to move to a higher plateau of conscious awareness.

The feeling, for me, of reaching a “Ring pass not” is like staring into and then asking myself to jump into an abyss that is a quantum leap of faith. It is some mental, emotional or spiritual impass that I know I must pass for my own good. For example, right now I have reached a “Ring pass not” in letting go of the sadness I feel in missing my wife who died in 2012. I am being asked to move on but not in the way that I thought. My mental, emotional and spiritual self is telling me that it’s Okay to miss my wife while at the same time moving on by being with someone else. The “Ring pass not” is the doorway that leads, not out of sadness in missing my wife but to a moving forward by enjoying the company of another and not feeling guilty for doing so. I have found that sometimes when we reach these “Ring pass nots” there is a numbness, a hesitation to “walk” through the “Ring pass not.” What do we do?

For me, I have found that the best thing to do with the numbness, the hesitation of moving forward is to feel the numbness and move forward anyway. Cross the bridge of swords, the rainbow bridge even while feeling hesitant. Just make the move. When you get to the other side, things will work themselves out. I have done this so I can attest to it. It is not easy because our emotions feel so real but are not always true. I have found that we are confronted by these doorways of change for a good reason. Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in a doorway. Walk through. What is on the other side determines your destiny.


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