The Human Body Is A Homeostatic Organism That Doesn't Die

From my experience living in a human body, I have found it to be a homeostatic organism that doesn’t die, meaning that when a human pays attention to and works to assist the body in maintaining its dynamic equilibrium, the body maintains optimal health and will not die. Death occurs when humans willfully create an imbalanced environment in the body which includes food, emotions, mentality, spirituality, ecology and climate.

What I have found is that the body is meant to last a long time and it is human neglect, ignorance  and self-harm that causes its own demise. Disease cannot live in a strong immune system or a balanced system. When humans get sick, they have generally compromised their homeostatic organism in some way. I don’t see it as the invasion from outside factors. The body can withstand outside invasion when homeostasis exists and cannot die when the equilibrium is maintained. If and when the body gets sick, it has the power to regenerate. Most often, humans ignore this power within them. Why is that?

I have found that the main reason humans ignore their own homeostatic aspect is that they are taught to give up their power, to put their will to live, to regenerate in the hands of another. They believe all the power to get well exists outside of themselves in the hands of a doctor, a Shaman, a priest, God. While doctors, medicine and God are important to use in regaining health, the other important component is the person being treated. If the person themselves are not willing to take care of themselves, game over. Humans are a complex of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects and it takes all of these aspects to come together to maintain health whether a human is sick or not.

When a Human Being is mindful of their homeostatic condition, they will generally do those practices that will help the body maintain its equilibrium like eating healthy foods, maintaining a positive mental outlook, reduce stress, exercise, have spiritual pursuits, have a good attitude, etc. From experience, disease is darkness born of ignorance and neglect. The body is designed to live, not die.


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