Survival V Sustenance

I found myself in survival mode, that is, cut off from the inherent and natural abundance that I am, the Earth is, the YOU Niverse is and Spirit is. I had no concept that I was in survival mode but I was finally tipped off that I was when I saw myself clawing and scratching to earn a living instead allowing the natural abundance of existence to simply come to me, flow to me in the form known as sustainance. How did this start?

My transition from survival mode to sustainance first came when I realized that working smart was more effective than working hard. Producing more was not the answer. Producing less and a better quality was more effective because it brought more sustainance: Less clients who paid more for a better product and returned again and again for my services. I became sustained and didn’t have to live hand to mouth. This helped me change my whole attitude toward work. Harder work was not the answer to getting me out of the struggle of survival mode. What got me out of the hard scrabble existence of survival mode where it was eat or be eaten was the 360 degree shift in my mindset that existence is an infinitely sustaining reality and to tap into that was the real practice I needed to learn and function in. I came to see that I am ALWAYS SUSTAINED NO MATTER WHAT. This is the true reality of existence.

I no longer fight for survival. I trust in myself, the YOU Niverse, Great Spirit for the sustainance I need not the survival I want.


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