Spirit Always Responds When You Call

From my experience of my relationship with Spirit, when I call on Spirit, Spirit responds. Spirit has told me that it’s ability to respond to me is it’s contract with me. What does that mean?

What Spirit means by its contract with me is that it is an agreement we have made between each other as we are both Spirit. I am now Spirit having a human experience but I am Spirit nonetheless. Spirit is my brother and responds to its likeness in me. There is no mystery here but many have been brainwashed to believe they don’t have the authority to both call Spirit nor be Spirit. Many believe they have to go through Jesus, a Priest, Rabbi, Imam or Monk to connect with Spirit. This is a lie. Why is this a lie?

It is a lie because Spirit indwells in everyone and you need no one to call Spirit to you as you can do it for yourself.

Many have been disempowered to give up their spiritual authority to “Jesus” or a “Church” so that they can be controlled to do the bidding of a central authority figure. Spirit is there for everyone and everyone can call on Spirit and Spirit will come to you and be with you and help you. That is the real. That is the truth.


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