Revealing The Murderous Shadow Side of Your Unconscious

From my experience as a human and with other humans, there exists within us, no matter how spiritual we believe we are, a murderous, shadow nature to our persona/psyche/ego known as the unconscious. It is also referred to as our original “wounding” that comes from the birth process, loss of innocence, early childhood trauma and unresolved emotional wounds. I bring this up because I have observed this shadow side in myself and had the opportunity to both discover it and reveal it not only to myself but to the love of my life who accepted my shadow nature and allowed me to give it expression from time to time. What do I feel about this?

My first inclination is to be appreciative, grateful and thankful that I have first discovered that I have a shadow side to my persona, to have been able to work on this shadow side of myself to heal those wounds and to have had someone who continued to love me despite those wounds and how their expression could be daunting.

I can now say that a large part of my own original wounding came from being born a high Empath that was thrust into a human society that was the antithesis of empathy at the time and the struggles I had with dealing with that. Fortunate for me, my family and some close friends and relatives protected me. Nevertheless, this original wounding contributed to the deep angst that would make up my shadow nature and it took me many years to first understand it, allow it to emerge, confront it and then assuage it. The biggest aspect I had to deal with is fear of loss and I was blessed to have a soul mate who was patient and understanding and helped me to deal with this shadow side. She also had a shadow side that she allowed expression and because of this relationship, I was taught many things about this shadow side of humans.

My encouragement to all humans is to not be afraid of dealing with this side of yourself. It may be ugly to see and feel but it is necessary, without doing harm to yourself or another, to know it, understand it, confront it, love it and heal it. Don’t try to silence your shadow nature with drugs and alcohol. No matter how hard you try to squelch it, it will find a way to express itself and it won’t be pretty. It’s better to confront it head on and to heal these wounds for a life filled with peace. I speak from experience.


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