My Christian Neighbor Said I’m Nothing

My Christian neighbor told me that I wasn’t “saved” and that I am “nothing” and that I am going to Hell. He said that he has been practicing those beliefs for 30 years. I told him that I am God also, that God is within me and I AM saved, that I am everything and that it is highly judgemental to tell someone they are nothing and are going to Hell. He turned his back on me and walked away as I said, “Get thee behind me, Satan.”

Indeed, for me, these ideas of my neighbor are satanic in that there is only judgement there in his practice of labeling anyone who doesn’t go”through” Jesus as “nothing” and going to Hell. I expressed to my neighbor that he should practice loving his neighbor as he loves himself and judging others as he would be judged but he ignored me on that. He also brought up the Bible. He threw the “good book” at me. To me, what my neighbor espoused is all thoughtless dogma because in his view, he can judge me and call me nothing and feel better than me. What an ego trip and that’s why it’s satanic. Where’s the love when I spoke my truth saying that I am something and I am saved? Why do I have to see God his way? I am God also for God is indwelling in me now but he refuted that.

How does he know that I am NOT saved? He told me I am not saved because I said the word “shit” which is a “cuss” world and since I said a “cuss” word, I am not saved. Nonsense. I am saved because I love and I am Love. I have no problem with my neighbor believing his dogma and I do refute his labeling me as nothing and telling me I’m going to Hell. I don’t judge him for his beliefs and I find that my truth must be revealed and leave it at that.

I have rarely instigated speaking my truth that I know God is within me already to my neighbor who has lived next door to me for 20 years. Since he is now going around telling other neighbors that
since they practice other religions from him, they are going to Hell, I felt the need to tell him he is judgemental.

I realized that speaking my truth to my neighbor is a way of planting a seed and to let him know that I will speak my truth to him just like he speaks his truth to me. I must speak out because all humans are born as empowered beings. They are something and are already saved. I don’t need a book called the Bible or any religion to tell me that. I am experiencing God within as a loving presence.


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