Keeping A Dream Journal

Dreams, from my experience, are the domain of what psychology calls the subconscious and on a deeper level, the soul. For me, dreams are my soul’s way of telling me what’s REALLY going on with me. To understand what is happening at the soul level, beneath my conscious awareness, it is instructive, I have found, to keep a dream journal. Why have I found this?

In keeping a dream journal and writing down my dreams and analyzing them, I connect the dots of what messages my subconscious, my soul is communicating to me over time and it helps me to gain inner clarity with a deeper part of myself that I may not keep the deeper aspects of my psyche hidden from myself. When I ignore these dream messages of my subconscious/soul, I risk my psyche developing emotional and mental imbalances in order to get my attention.

The subconscious/soul is a receptacle for all that is going on in our lives and it is also intuitive, prophetic and sagacious. It doesn’t lie and is a great aspect of our complexity as humans to call on so that we may better understand ourselves and others.

My dreams are always memorable and sharp and while I don’t remember every detail of every dream, I write down as much as I can recall of the dream and go over its written and mental remembrance to glean it’s significance in my life. This helps me to stay in touch with that part of me that is out of my conscious awareness and I believe that it helps me to stay whole, in balance and clear in my persona/psyche/ego.


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