Is Your Relgious Mythology Bankrupt?

Is your religious  mythology bankrupt, meaning, what was valid thousands of years ago now rings hollow? With most of the American population following Christianity, for example, is there really a need for a second coming since it already happened? Is there a need for the end times, the Armageddon since they already happened? Is there a need to be “saved” when we humans already are saved, born whole, never having been kicked out of Eden? Is there a need to go through Jesus when God is within each human? Is there a need to see God as human, sitting in Heaven with long white robes and a long white beard? Where is this place Heaven, anyway? Is there a need to go to Hell? Is there a need for punishment, for judgement? Is there a need to pray to God, asking for things, when you can just thank God for what you ALREADY HAVE? Is there a need to be dogmatic instead of experiencing the now?

From many years of experiencing a relationship with the Divine, God, Spirit through a mystical path that I walk every day, I have to express my perception that what is being promulgated in this Christian faith and other bankrupt religions of death, is pure decayed, old energy that is now in need of disappearing from the Earth. It is bankrupt.

It is time to allow the Spirit of God to be directly with you and all you have to do is look within yourself for that’s where God is. “The Father and I are one.” Remember?


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