If You Cannot Know Me, Can I know Myself?

I told a friend that she could not know me; she could only experience me. She asked me if that was true for me in that since she could not know me, could I ostensibly know myself? What a great question and one I am going to wrap my head around.

From experience, I have found that my essential nature is not knowable in that it is of a soul/Spirit nature that cannot be analyzed or defined in human terms. What I am at the spiritual level is ineffable or not able to be expressed in words or truly spoken at all. It is mystical but it can be felt or experienced at a certain high level of awareness or openness.

In expanding my own awareness of my higher Self, I have been able to grasp a certain level of who and what I am and I know there are higher levels of myself that I have not found knowable yet. They escape my understanding, my ability to know what my essential nature is in a definitive knowledgeable form, a form my mind can grasp. I have been able to express what it felt like to experience certain higher spiritual states but to say that I fully know them is not really accurate. I am aware of them but I don’t think I can fully know all of myself because there is a part of myself that is not totally knowable to my human awareness. It is beyond my human conception.

I believe that the deeper I go into myself, the more I will understand and ultimately know of myself and I don’t feel like there is a ground floor. I can always know more of my Self and I am talking about the Spirit Self not the human self although there is a lot to work on there as well.


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