I Am Your Mirror

When you look at me, you do not see me. When you encounter me, you do not connect with me. When you are in relationship with me, you are not relating with or to me. Who is it that you are with when you believe you are with me?

When you are supposedly with me, you are not with me. You are with your mirror image, a reflection of aspects of yourself. How is that so? In my experience, I am your mirror reflecting back to you what YOU are because what you perceive about me is really what you are perceiving of what I am. I am essentially not knowable to you because there is nothing there to know. I am just your experience of me with the emphasis on YOUR. What you experience of me is your interpretation of what you believe you perceive of me.

Therefore, what you like or dislike about me is really what you like or dislike about yourself. I cannot make you think or feel in any way. What you think and feel when you are with me are your thoughts and feelings, not mine. We, each human, is an island amongst other islands who commune with or without shared experiences. When I share my experiences with you and they resonate with you, it makes you feel a connection, a sense that as humans, we are in this together. When you don’t resonate with another human in shared experiences, it can feel like you are an isolated island, unthetheted, unmoored and adrift. You feel a sense of loneliness.

That is why I seek community with a tribe of likeminded people. They make me feel grounded, accepted, happy, peaceful and liking myself. I don’t negate those who are not like me and to like myself is a great endgame of my life.


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