I Am Not From Here And I Share Your Condition

I am not a human because I am not of this Earth. I don’t share  your human awareness. My awareness is of another sensitivity far away from human sensitivity. That being said, I am in a human body, having a human experience and the forces that operate on human bodies, operate on me. What do I mean by this?

What I mean by this is that even though I come from a realm of a much more expanded awareness than human awareness, being in human body is a somewhat shared experience because the human body has many forces acting on it that do not act on what I really am: A Light body. What does this mean?

It means that a human body is vulnerable. It has strengths and weaknesses and must be cared for and watched over. It has an expiration date, is influenced by planetary forces, by its own thoughts and emotions and by other people, conditions and situations. My Light body does not have those types of strengths and weaknesses. My Light body, first and foremost, does not die, cannot be killed. It is infinite, aware and is beyond the forces of this planet Earth. It is a Light body of Love, Healing and Wisdom that always shows the way. So, what is my issue?

My issue is living with my expanded consciousness in a limited physicality and always remembering to reconcile my true nature with my temporary abode of a physical incarnation. I must always remember that I am not invincible while incarnate even though where I come from there is no physical body, no death, no sickness, no war, no greed, no anger, no hate, no judgement, no religion, no intolerance, no bigotry. My Light body is a consciousness made up of the energy of God and as God, I have accepted to take on a body when I am needed to be present. It’s great to be of service but I have to get that inner warranty which is, I still have to pay attention to being human.


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