Human, Earth Reality Is A Cosmic Computer Program

From my experience, we humans live in a Cosmic computer program. Inside the program the reality is based on a simulation called thoughts, beliefs, ideas, persona, psyche, ego. These are just ideas and are not true. They may seem real but they are not true. Ideas are just puffs of air that we make real by how strongly we identify with them and so what we call our reality is just a feeling. Is there a reality outside this human, Earth reality that is a Cosmic computer program?

There is a reality outside the Cosmic computer program and it is the reality of Spirit. In the reality of Spirit is no mind, no ego, no beliefs, no thoughts there. It is not so much a place as it is a consciousness that has qualities to it. For example, flow is a consciousness, as in, when things in your reality flow or seemlessly come together. There is a consciousness called flow and it is a dimension not a computer program of pre-conceived ideas. In this dimension, everything comes together effortlessly. There are many other dimensions and when you are out of the Cosmic computer program of pre-conceived ideas, you are free to go to any of these dimensions.

These same dimensions exist while we are in a human body but we don’t access or believe we experience them because of our level of awareness. We insist that we are seeing things, just imagining things and stay in a confined computer program of pre-conceived notions thereby limiting our experience. This limitation is what is meant by the description given to Earth’s very dense, that is, it is limited to the three lowest dimensions and most human awareness stays in that 3D awareness by choice.

When humans experience Spirit, intuition, psychic phenomena, God, they freak out because it is way outside the Cosmic computer program of pre-conceived notions.


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