How I Achieved Inner Lasting Peace

I am at peace and it took me many years to achieve this inner state of serenity. How did I do it?

I achieved permanent inner peace when I discovered that I am an Empath who thrives on making connections with people. In making connections with people, I found that I was judgemental, needing to approve of, controlling of, feeling better than and having hidden agendas with people who were insensitive, who lacked emotional intelligence.

What I discovered that gave me lasting peace about and being around these insensitive people was that they were who they were based on their level of awareness and that they were exactly where they needed and wanted to be as exactly who they were. My choice was to either speak my truth to them, have compassion for them or simply stop associating with them. There was no need to judge them as they were at their level of awareness just like I was at my level of awareness and whether they chose to expand their awareness and become more sensitive was up to them and not up to me. I felt that I had to respect their level of awareness and if I did not relate or resonate with their level of awareness then I could make the decision to move on from them or keep them at a distance away from me and still have them in my circle of influence.

I found that by seeing these insensitive people as humans, as souls on a soul path of expanding awareness just like I am, I could stop having unreal expectations of them, I could stop being annoyed, angry or hateful of them. I realized they are who they are and it is their responsibility to care for their awareness to evolve it or devolve it. I also realized they they are a projection of my own psyche and what I didn’t like about them was what I needed to address within myself.

Now when I meet people with lower awareness, I make the choice to address their insensitivity by speaking my truth to them or I see what is troubling me about them and look within and say to myself that I have more work to do on me or I simply abstain from a connection with them. This has brought me great peace although I can still observe my own and others’ characters and not lull myself into a false sense of security. Sometimes people have to hear a higher level of awareness to plant a seed in them. This goes for me as well. The lake of my peace can always have a pebble thrown into it and be disturbed with ripples of insensitivity. The idea is that I make my lake a placid place again...and again.


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