Don’t Let Your Sensitivity Over-rule Your Sensibility

I am an ultra-sensitive, hyper Empath and as such, I have a deep sensitivity that is alien to the human race. I used to wear this high sensitivity as a badge of shame, thinking that I was a weak lightweight. It took me years to realize that my sensitivity was a great power and ultimately learned to be comfortable in my own skin using this power wisely. I realized that I could be highly sensitive but I had to use it sensibly and with sensibility. What does that mean?

It means that I had to learn how to use my sensitivity to appreciate and respond to emotional and aesthetic influences in an appropriate way that I felt and believed did not go overboard, did not overthink, overinflate the reality of the stimuli. I had to know which battles were worth fighting and not allow my sensitivity to be a weakness that ran roughshod over me which meant knowing when to speak up and when to overlook. I could not let every little thing bother me. I might perceive things on a deeper level but that does not mean that the sender of the thought or emotion is coming from a deep place. Many times, people say or do things that are thoughtless or unconscious. I needed to make that distinction and it is a very important distinction for sensitives in general.

Not everything people say or do is worth fighting over even if we sensitives feel it very deeply. I have found that loving-detachment and compassion work well in combating over-sensitivity but it does not mean never speaking your truth when you have a deep compulsion to do so. Just don’t let your sensitivity over-rule your good sense. Be sensible in your sensitivity.


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