Don’t Be Afraid Of Your Own Shadow

Human beings are complex beings made up of persona/psyche/ego (body), emotion and Spirit. As such, there is also a dualistic paradigm that acts on all humans in the form of Light AND Shadow aspects of the psyche. In my experience, most humans have a difficult time facing their shadow aspects, that is, those unconscious aspects that lay buried beneath the surface of their psyche. In my experience, I admonish myself and others not to be afraid of their own shadow. Why do I admonish this?

I admonish facing the shadow aspects of our murderous unconscious because it helps us to first come to terms with these aspects and two, to be able to release them thereby moving on from them to more positive aspects.

What are these shadow aspects in humans, anyway? From my experience, our shadow aspects stem from our traumas and woundings at the hands of others that we have not fully addressed and let go off. When we continue to carry old traumas that have not been addressed, they will emerge into the light of day as aberrant behaviors and conditions from being abusive and depressed to over-eating and suicidal, etc. In my experience, we must not fear our dark urges. We must face them and let them go. We must never feel that we must do harm to ourselves or others. This harming is our shadow side run amok and we see plenty of that played out through the human condition already.

Facing our shadow side is a healthy alternative to creating chaos by trying to suppress it and then seeing it erupt at some later time. It’s better to confront our shadow side and not be afraid of our own shadow. There are plenty of people who can be of help to us when we have difficulty in dealing with these dark aspects of ourselves. Take heart.


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