Christmas Intensifies My Love And Light

I am a Being Of Love and Light and as such, I have a consciousness that is of Love and Light everyday. I am Love and Light and I give and receive it. I perceive my being as God-conscious in an already Christed Universe and when Christmas comes, it is, for me, a time of intensified Love and Light. The gift-giving I do represents my giving of Love and Light and all the rest of it are just the details. The Love and Light that I am IS the Christ consciousness that I am every day and Christmas is a focal point for me of realization of this. Why do I bring this up?

I bring this up because I see most people objectifying the concept of Christmas as the birth of Jesus with the Christ consciousness being “out there” instead of in them or “in here.” I got Christmas cards saying “Happy Bithday Jesus” when, to me, it’s about the birth of Christ consciousness within each person. It’s not objective, it’s subjective.

Christ consciousness, that is, “Christmas,” is an inner, personal experience of Love and Light. I walk that path. I LIVE THE CHRIST’S MASS and I aim to BE Father Christmas. To me, every day has Christmas in it.


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