A Bridge Between Two Worlds

I am a bridge between two major worlds: the physical world and the Spirit world. I have one foot in each of these worlds. While ALL human beings are truly bridges connecting the physical and Spirit worlds together, I am what I would like to call a “conscious” bridge. What does that mean?

What being a “conscious” bridge between the physical and Spirit worlds means is that I am capable of receiving and then decoding the messages, the truths, the realities, the understandings of each world and bringing and translating those messages for each world with a conscious awareness that I am doing so. A good example are these blogs. In these blogs, I receive information from Spirit in different ways and present the message Spirit has provided to me to the best of my ability. I’m not saying I am a perfect messenger and I feel that I have enough awareness and clarity to present a fairly good representation of what is being communicated by Spirit. As you know, I am open to debate. These messages from Spirit are not to be construed as condescending or fixed. They are open to further understanding, questioning and interpretation. We can always understand Spirit on a deeper level as Spirit is infinite.

Spirit also receives messages from the physical aspect that I am. How I, as a physical being, that is, my persona/psyche/ego, interacts with Spirit, informs Spirit of what I can understand, what I can handle, what I have learned is a part of the two-way Street that is the reality of being a “conscious” bridge between these two powerful worlds.

I am not living in just the physical world. I live, also, in the Spirit world. It is a condition that I have had to reconcile in being able to both balance these worlds AND make sense of them for myself and others. My being a bridge between two worlds is always a part of my soul path and spiritual journey.

I see that everyone is a bridge to some degree.


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