A Blue Ray Being Speaks

I am a Blue Ray Being. All that means is that I am a purpose from a realm of a far different consciousness than most of the beings on Planet Earth. I have an important message.

In this time of great change on Earth, this chaotic node, it is easy for those of higher awareness to be annoyed by those of lower awareness and vice versa and therefore have a desire to dismiss and reject each other. This desire to reject what each awareness cannot stand is based on low energy human nature that humans have been using since forever. Humanity hasn’t matured in it’s soulfulness. There is nothing wrong with wanting to hang out with like minded people, one of your own tribe. What is wrong in rejecting another because of their awareness, whether high or low is that it leads to alienation, misunderstanding and ultimately war. How can we live in this chaotic node without alienating each other?

From my experience, to get along with those you don’t agree with takes loving-detachment meaning you can keep them at arms length but show them love, speak your truth to them, don’t be judgemental  and create strong boundaries. If a family member comes to your Christmas dinner who is a racist and bigot, speak your truth to them about tolerance in an event handed way and lead them by example. You aren’t hanging out with them that much as it is, I’m sure but you have a chance in that moment when that person makes a racist comment to let them know you don’t follow or accept that way of being. They’ll probably say they were joking and it must be made clear that you don’t joke about such things. If the problem is on-going and consistent and they think it’s OK to make racist and bigoted innuendos in mixed company, I have found that the best thing is to love them from afar and leave them to their devices. Don’t invite them to any dinners anymore but don’t harbor animosity or angst. They probably feel the same away about you that you feel about them in that because of your higher awareness, they are just tolerating you and can’t wait to get out of there or they have such a low awareness that they don’t think at all...or feel.

In the case of those with such low awareness, allow them their due to fade away like the Neanderthals.


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