You Create Like The Creator Because You Are The Creator

Every Human Being was made by the Creator in its own “image.” From my experience, that “image” is the ability to create JUST LIKE THE CREATOR CREATES AND THAT INCLUDES INSTANT MANIFESTATION. How do I know this?

I know this because I have acknowledged, accepted, cognized and functioned myself as a creator created by the Creator. I have the same abilities as the Creator as put into me by the Creator. I am a mini-Creator. I have created abundance and manifested out of thin air. The best aspect of my being the Creator in microcosmic form is that I don’t suffer. Why is that?

The reason I don’t suffer is because as a creator, I take responsibility for my creations since I made them. I don’t blame anyone or anything else for what choices I make and here’s the catch: I make my choices wisely, knowing the consequences ahead of time. More importantly, even when the consequences turn out to be not so great for myself and others, I own them and learn from them since they are MY creations. I apologize, I learn, I forgive AND I MOVE ON.

Did I say this was easy? This is not easy because you have to acknowledge who and what you really are: the Creator in human form, creating and being Creation at the same time. I know this state of being is a quantum leap for many as many have been wrongly brainwashed that they are not the Creator.

Secret: without humans to perceive and be it, there is no creation and no Creator. Your Creation is so obvious, you can’t even see it. Resolve to discover your true identity as the Creator in form. Your life will change for the better in that you will take command of your dominion. I do it. I attest to it.


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