Why I No Longer Pray

I no longer “pray.” Why is that?

I no longer “pray” because I discovered that “praying” puts me in a position of asking something or someone outside myself for something. “Praying” leaves me in victimhood because there is nothing out there giving and taking away from me. The only thing giving and taking away from me is the God with me that responds to the God in everything. How does this work?

I discovered from my experiences that my Beingness is a magnet that I can consciously tune up and that the more I tune this magnet up, the more it aligns with and attracts the same energy as I am broadcasting. So, what I do now is show appreciation, Love, gratitude and thanks to the Creative Source Infinite Intelligence The All There Is every day and that which is this sacred and divine energy within myself and outside myself align to bring me more of what I am grateful for.

I thank God everyday for what is ALREADY in my life. I show appreciation and gratitude for what I have. That God-Self that is in me and outside me, “hears” my gratitude and bestows upon me more to be grateful for. Praying and asking is old energy. I no longer use that energy because I am not in lack Consciousness. I realize God as being for and with me already. I need not beseech. Beseeching shows I don’t believe!!!


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