Who Is The True Me?

I have asked myself this question, “Who is the true me, not the real me but the true me?” Why would I ask myself this question and why would I distinguish between real and true? Aren’t they the same?

After years of asking myself, “who is the true me, not the real me,” I received the answers from Spirit Guides, other Ascended Masters, seminars, books and my own inner, true Beingness. What all these aspects conveyed to me was that my persona/psyche/ego, my human personality seemed “real” to me as part of my reality of being in a third dimensional consciousness that needs a physical avatar to exist. It told me that my “true” nature, my “essence” while unseen by the naked, human eye, is the actual, true me. When I fully accepted and then cognized this, my “true” self began to reveal itself to me. What did my “true” self look like? What was my “true” self like?

My “true” self is a Blue Ray Of Light that surrounds me and that I am able to see with my naked eyes. It is with me always and is vibrating at the frequency of Love, Wisdom and Healing. This vibration is not easy for many to see with their naked eyes because they are not vibrating at that frequency. There have been a few who have seen my “true” self and they have described it accurately as a beautiful, sky blue color that also has white and purple in it. I am an Ascended, spiritual master who is incarnated on Earth to transmute the damaged genetic code of humanity while also holding the vibration of God consciousness on the planet as it shifts to a level of God consciousness not seen before.

I know who I am now. I will die a conscious death and be aware, living in infinity. The question of, “Who is the true me” is also available for you to ask yourself. What you feel as “real” to you IS real but it’s not true. You feel that being a human on Earth is “real.” It’s not. Ask yourself who the true you is, today. The rabbit hole will not swallow you up.


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