When A Human Dies, It Doesn’t Go Anywhere

Every Human has asked and still asks, “Where do I go when I die?” Our human religions have created imaginary pictures and beliefs that are called Heaven and Hell. From my soul path and spiritual journey experiences, when humans die, they don’t “go” to a “place” as such. Where DO humans go when they die?

Let me answer this question of where humans go when they die by asking you, “Where did you go when you were born?” When you were born, you arrived into a third dimensional, dense matrix of a confined consciousness where you believed everything was solid. Well, I am here to tell you from soul experiences that when you die, you go to a higher vibrating matrix where you are not in a sensual, physical body but you are in a body nonetheless called your “light body.” Your “light body” is with you when you are a physical human being. You usually don’t pay attention to it but it’s there, all around you. The true you.

I see mine everyday and I communicate with it. It is who I really and truly am. You too can see your “light body” and communicate with it if you so desire. It is who you will be when you die. You see, you don’t “go” anywhere at death because there is no anywhere, there is only here, there is only now. At death, your light body is freed from your physical body and vibrates at a higher conscious awareness than your physical body which you mistakenly believed was “you.” Your human persona/psyche/ego is not you. Your physical body is your light body’s Avatar that it uses to navigate in this 3D program called Earth body.

Dying doesn’t mean you’re dead, it just means you’ve relinquished your current avatar and are now in your true body, your light body which is right here vibrating at a higher reality that the physical senses refuse to perceive. There is no death as it is portrayed by human, Earth society. Humans don’t go anywhere at death. They stay right here.


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