What Is A Spiritual Warrior?

From my experience as a spiritual warrior, I share that experience with you now: The Experience Of The Spiritual Warrior is the everyday experience of BEING Spirit no matter the distractions, no matter the distortions. What does this mean?

What this means for me is the continuum of realizing, acknowledging, believing, being and functioning as Spirit despite the distractions and distortion caused by living on a planet where most of the values adhered to by most of the population on Earth is devoid of a true spiritual experience because they don’t believe in Spirit. Now, I’m not saying that most of the people on Earth are not TRYING to be spiritual through religion. The issue is that most religions profess that Spirit, God is “out there” somewhere and where that is no one knows. They say, “Heaven.” Where is “Heaven”?

I profess to experience myself as Spirit, God, in a human, incarnated format and I fight, as a spiritual warrior, to function in real time as that Spirit, God in flesh in every moment despite the majority of people on the planet coercing me into seeing being a spiritual warrior as blasphemous or wrong to all the religions. I say that the religions are misguided. I say I am a spiritual warrior being the God-conscious being I came to Earth as.

What is it like to be a spiritual warrior? It is the most gratifying experience in the Cosmos because I am aligned with Spirit right here, right now. I am Spirit and I have Spirit’s abilities: major manifestation, unconditional Love, truth, security, peace, kindness, compassion and pure intent. This makes me a very powerful being. Everyone can be a spiritual warrior when they drop the pretense of distraction and distortion the biggest of which is believing you have to go through someone else to be saved.


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