What Happens When You Perceive Everything As The Sacred?

At the level of Spirit, God, the Divine, I have perceived and experienced everything there to be sacred. What does that mean, to be sacred? What I have found is that the sacred is a mystical state in which everything takes on a more precious, more valued Beingness. It is beyond the ordinary perception of things. Things, all things from humans to trees take on a metaphysical quality in which we find Spirit indwelling. What happens when you perceive everything as the sacred?

From my experience, when you perceive everything as the sacred, you allow yourself to BE the sacred being you already are and the sacred, in turn, opens its magic and knowledge to you. When this happens, the Universe talks to you, you live and learn the deeper meanings and aspects of Spirit that are beneath the ordinary perception of reality. You appreciate, are grateful for and thankful for what the sacred is and provides you. A good example of perceiving in a more sacred way is that your words begin to have more meaning and power and you use your words more carefully. You will not talk mindlessly. Your words will be more thoughtful because you have realized the sacred power of words to heal or harm. This is my experience. How do you get to perceive the world as more sacred?

The first step is to connect with Spirit inside yourself and know you are Spirit, God. You can do this by going into nature, meditating, reading sacred texts, living a clean life free of the ABUSE AND OVER-CONSUMPTION of media, drugs, alcohol, sex, politics and religion. Let me emphasize, ABUSE AND OVER-CONSUMPTION not the MINDFUL consumption of the above.

This prescription is coming from an enlightened being whether you accept it or know it or not. I live the sacred everyday. Please note that this is NOT a state in which I am holier than thou. I don’t do comparisons to others. This is not about being better than or over anyone. It is about perceiving life from the vantage point of the sacred. A vantage point open to all.


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