The True Success Of The Parent

From my own experience and the tales of experiences told to me by many other parents, our main desire for our children is to see them successful and secure in adult life. There is, however, a difference in most parents as to what it means to them for their children to be a success. I have found that most parents think of success for their children as having a high paying, prestigious job where they have gained fame and fortune which reflects back on them as their own job well done. Fair enough and I am not a parent who buys into that idea as success. What is my idea of my child being a success?

My idea of my child being a success is that he is a great, loving person who adds great compassion to the human condition. Of course I want to see my child be secure, happy and healthy and I am more gratified knowing that my child is doing what he wants to do in the world in adding more Light, more Love, betterment, happiness, peace and creativity to the world. These qualities above are the qualities of my child that I deem as my successful parenting, not the superficial qualities of making money. Although making money is important, that alone often does not help diminish the suffering on Earth.

It is in the kindness, generosity and great creativity of my child that I see in my parenting a job well done. I do not look at the shallow and superficial attributes of my child’s life as the most important signs of my parenting success. I look at how much Love, respect, appreciation and gratitude is in my child and for me, I experience an abundance of it.

I know I have done a great parenting job based on how much Light my child brings to humanity.


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