The Three Giveaways

In Alberto Villoldo’s book, Heart of the Shaman, he talks about the three giveaways that one does to become a “luminous warrior,”that is, one who is indelibly connected with Spirit: Love, beauty and truth. When I read these prescriptions for becoming a “luminous warrior,” I realized I had already done the three giveaways many times in my life. I realized that I am already a “luminous warrior.” What is this all about?

Becoming a “luminous warrior,” one who lives as Spirit in the physical life and has all the attributes of Spirit must give away unconditional love, see beauty in everything and everyone and speak her truth and be her truth. The words are easy to type but giving these aspects away is the most difficult thing you will do in life. It takes great Will and practice to love someone unconditionally, to see beauty in every aspect of life and to speak your truth fearlessly.

It took me many years to come to this place of being able to do the three giveaways and become a “luminous warrior.” If the idea of being a “luminous warrior” resonates with you; from my experience, you will first have to examine your limiting belief systems and see what is holding you back from already being fully connected with Spirit. This takes heart and a resolving to realize that in order to have anything in your life, you must first give it away. You have to give to get. For example, most people think that they have to find love, to find someone to love them, to fall in love. That is a state of taking, of believing you are nothing without someone else loving you because real Love is a force that you are and you give of that force to others with no expectation of return. You love yourself first and then give that love to others with no strings, no expectations. Not easy but it is the secret to becoming a “luminous warrior” and being the force of  Love which is the strongest force in the Cosmos. When you radiate unconditional Love, that same Love that is in others is attracted to you. This also applies to beauty and truth. So, be unconditional Love, beauty and truth and you will receive it both from yourself and other self. The “luminous warrior” knows how to do this and lives as this.


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