The New Human

The “new” human has already been born on Earth. What is the “new” human and what is their purpose here?

From my experience with the “new” human, they are of a much higher consciousness than the old model that is becoming extinct. Their consciousness range begins in the sixth dimension while those going extinct don’t want to move out of the third dimension. What the sixth dimension is is a place of psychic vision making the “new” human visionary, highly intuitive, a great transmuter of energy both physical and otherwise. They reject, outright, the authoritarian model currently ruling the planet and are in the process of changing that model to one of true equality and community. They are unconditionally loving and they don’t follow the current society’s version of religion, war, killing, greed, sex, money, politics, food and many other low vibration beliefs.

The “new” human’s purpose here is to totally replace the old human model that is rooted in a low vibration, 3D matrix. This is an evolution of consciousness to a higher level of awareness that will revolutionize the planet Earth. Look for Earth’s new religious structures to be based on practicing love not just speaking it then killing your neighbor. Look for the “new” human to be authentic and empathic with only the truth coming from these “new” humans. They are here now and they can be found amongst the millennials and beyond. These “new” humans will be transmuters of energy and will be able to enhance the energies of themselves and others.

We are calling these “new” humans Indigos, Crystal and Rainbow because they are coming in with a totally different consciousness, a much higher one and it is changing the low vibration human nature of Earth for the better.


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