The New Consciousness Earth And Human

From what I am experiencing, we humans and the Earth herself are in the throes of a consciousness shift one note upward. What this means is that we are moving away from a third dimensional consciousness where the ego reigns supreme to a fifth dimensional consciousness where the heart reigns supreme. How do I support the validity of this?

I support the validity of this consciousness shift in humans and the Earth by reminding myself and everyone else of the chaotic node we are in right now. Look at all the turmoil humans are going through and the turmoil of the Earth. What we are seeing is unprecedented and it is not a reflection of the “end times” as the religionists like to claim. It is actually the “beginning times.” The turmoil we see in humans and the Earth is about the shift from the old, 3D energy of conditional love, racism, bigotry, intolerance, greed, war, judgement, control, comparison, competition, ignorance, approval, being better than and jealousy to the new 5D energy of unconditional love, tolerance, acceptance, kindness, compassion, peace, understanding, healing and wisdom.

We are going to see a new model of human and Earth with such a different, Higher consciousness that all those who are in 3D will not be able to exist on Earth. They will become extinct like the Neanderthal. There will be no place for them.

Please understand that I am not talking about freedom of speech where you can have a difference of opinion. I welcome a difference of opinion. This is not about that. I am talking about a higher consciousness where the structures of our society as they exist today will no longer be. So, look for many current structures that do not serve humans and the Earth to disappear like pollution. Pollution as something that humans and companies do to other humans and Earth is going bye, bye. Extinct. It’s a low level consciousness. Many low energy human nature constructs will disappear soon. It’s already happening. Just look around.


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