The Liar Within

From my experience of practicing being true, that is, watching the liar within myself and practicing not lying to myself and others, being a truth-teller always, I find that others will reveal the truth to me. What are they confronting?

The reason people will eventually tell me the truth is that they can’t harm anything that’s real and true. When they confront the truth, which is what I am, they just can’t lie . Oh, they can try but it always all comes out in the wash.

The person I confront the most is myself. When I have the urge to lie and I do because the liar within waits too, I stop myself in my own tracks and remind myself that this is not me, I don’t like lying and I admit the truth to myself. This state of being took me awhile to achieve and I can now do this without reservation. I am true to myself, will never lie to myself or to others. I am also not afraid to SPEAK my truth which is one of my three giveaways. The other two are Love and Beauty. What this does is gives me a clarity and an authenticity that shields me from falseness.

This is an on-going practice as the liar within is always on the prowl, waiting to cast a shadow of doubt on one’s clarity. I do not allow it. I have tamed, have been a parent to the liar within so it knows me and respects me now. It does not rear its ugly head as it knows I am watchful. I cannot be lie to. I am THE TRUTH.


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