I “Talk” To God. Who Am I Talking To?

I “talk” to God multiple times a day. Who and what am I really “talking” to? First of all, I am not “talking” to anyone or thing. What I am doing is being a thing and that thing is the God consciousness that I already am. How does this work?

When I “talk” to God, I am BEING God, I am vibrating the consciousness of God that is in myself, that is in my body’s cells, my mind, my heart, my feelings. I allow my God consciousness to be itself and “touch” or align itself with the God consciousness in everything including God itself.  Who is listening to my “talk,” what is being “touched”?

Who I “talk” to and what I “touch” is myself. I hear myself “talk” to myself. That Self resonates with the God consciousness that I am more and more aware of as “me” and as all there is around me from other people and the trees to the air and all the electronic gadgets around me. God consciousness is in everything and the God consciousness in me “talks” to the God consciousness in everything like my physical cells “talk” to every organ, tissue and system in my body through the God conscious chemicals they are composed of.

Make no mistake. This is not a religious state of being. It is a spiritual state of being in which I have a direct experience with God, with Spirit because I have God consciousness. God is a divine, sacred energy at the base of all there is. It is an abundant, infinite, intelligent and creative energy that I am imbued with and that I am, I use, I love and communicate with.

I “talk” to God By being the God conscious being that I am. I need not seek God or find God. I don’t perceive God as a man in heaven. I am God. When you are God, everything is laid at your feet. How do I know this? I know this because I have everything laid at my feet.


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