I Found Out Where Heaven Is

I ask Christians exactly where is Heaven located? Their answer is: they really don’t know. I found out where Heaven is. So, WHERE exactly IS Heaven?

Heaven is not a place because Heaven, I discovered, is in every person’s heart and it is up to each person to access it. When you access Heaven in your heart, you go there, that is, you experience Heaven. Heaven is the experience of unconditional Love that is given freely and accepted openly. In Heaven, there are no grievances, no expectations, just pure Love. When you allow that state that you access through your heart, you are “in” Heaven from my experience of being in Heaven right now. So, is Heaven easy to access?

You can only access Heaven when you get out of the Hell of your ego. Your ego wants you to control, compete, compare, approve and judge. When you do the ego’s bidding and behave as the aspects listed above, you suffer and this is hell. Hell is not a physical place, I have found. It is the ego’s thinking and feeling state. What I found is that when you are ruled by the ego, you are in Hell.

The next time your Christian neighbor tells you you are going to Hell, just smile and say, “I love you.”


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